Patent device for light therapy

occhiali per light therapy

I want to introduce you  the new device that I have patented :

  • It’s an optoelectronic device with a shaped glasses with display modules made for treatment of light therapy and chromotherapy.
  • The device has the function to show, for a specific period, a sequence of images or lights of various colors with the pourpose to induce, on the person that wears it, the beneficial effects of light therapy.
  • All elements are conveniently assembled within a structure with a shape of glasses, in order to assign to the device characteristics of compactness, portability, furthermore the presence of a graphics processors allows to diversify the treatments and to customize them.
  • The device is equipped with two graphics processors that manage two  OLED displays of the latest generation.
  • A memory card reader allows you to customize the  treatments that are preloaded into a mircoSD.
  • A prototype of the device, built for demonstration purposes, it’s represented in the images.
  • The patent has been issued by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development with no. 276317.

More information is available on my the website


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