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Sentinel SuperPro Emulator on Windows 7 64-bit

The following procedure allows to emulate the hardware keys like Sentinel SuperPro, with some changes is also possible to emulate the following key: HASP SRM / HL / 4 / Hardlock.

The procedure has been tested successfully on Windows 7 64-bit Sp1 installed on a MacBook Pro, if you are looking for 32-bit version read this article.

Download from here the followings tools:

Disable “User Account Control” (UAC) from the Control Panel the “User Account Control” (UAC).

Run on machine “Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider”  and click on “Enable Test Mode” (or from Command Prompt run the following command “bcdedit /set TESTSIGNING ON”)


Confirm the operation.


Exit and restart the PC and check if you’re in test mode.


Install “multikey64”.


Run “Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider” and select “Sign a System File” and click next button.


Input full path of  “MultiKey.sys”  and click ok

(example C:\Windows\Sistem32\drivers\multikey.sys).


Exit and restart the PC

Insert the Sentinel Hardware Key, run “ssp2mk” and click the icon on the top left corner.


All fields will be compiled as follow.


The state will be “connected”.


Go in the middle field (under regedit4) and save the new text file with a .reg extension (example  33B4_86C9_0002-9003.reg)


Click on the new *.reg file and confirm to add the change to the System Registry.

Run “Regedit” and check if the changes was properly applied (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SYSTEM / CurrentControlSet / MultiKey / Dumps / key-name).

Remove the Sentinel hardware key and restart the computer.

On restart you will not need to inserting the Sentinel Key to start up your software.

Sentinel superpro dongle emulator

If you are running a 64-bit version of Windows 7 go to this article.

Emulatore di chiavi Sentinel super pro

Currently, many companies use the expensive Hardward Sentinel Key for software protection.

If you need to install the program, regularly purchased, on other PC or if you want to avoid carrying around the precious keys, you can use an emulator program which allow you to use the software without the use of  the Sentinel Key.
The program that I used for the emulation is Sentinel Emulator 2007, that with some small changes, it can run on Windows Vista.
The zipped package, that you can download from here: “Sentinel Emulator“, contains the following programs:

– Sentinel versione 7.3.0
– SSDCleanup
– Emulator

Of course, to allow the emulator to work, you need to have an original Sentinel Key.


1) Launch the application Sentinel73.exe to install the drivers.

2) Insert the key and wait for the device recognition.

3) Star EDGE (the program has the function to copy the data stored in the key and exporting them to a file with DNG extension).

4) Insert the destination folder.

5) Insert the file name (by Browse).

6) Press the “Dump & Solve” and wait a few minutes.

7) Wait that the dump file is created.

8) Remove the key.



To allow the program to work under Vista, go to the properties panel to enable the compatibility mode for Windows XP.

Emulator  2010 is compatible with Vista, but it doesn’t accept the “dump file ” created with previous versions.

Emulatore di chiavi Sentinel super pro

Run Emulator and check if the driver has been correctly installed:


Press “Start Service” and load “Dump  file” with DNG extension.


If everything goes well, you will get a screen like this: