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Writing on NTFS HDD using Lion or Mavericks

I describe to you the steps to read and write on your BOOTCAMP partition formatted to NTFS without resorting to third-party software, but for free:

1) Download FUSE for OSX (version 2.6.2)


2) Before the  installation  flagg the following item: “FUSE Compatibility Layer”

FUSE Compatibility Layer

3) Download NTFS-3G (version  2010.10.2)

4) Reboot the MAC

5) When you restart a window will appear with the following error, however, it doesn’t preclude the normal operation of NTFS-3G, in fact the BOOTCAMP volume is mounted and you can read and write quietly.

NTFS errore

If you want to avoid that error window appears every time that you restart the Mac,  but without solving the real problem about the timeout:

1) Install Xcode (version 5.0.2)


2) Then you download from here the following files:

– build.sh

– fuse_wait.c

3) You open  “build.sh” file and replace:



with your version of OSX and redirected properly to the *. sdk (without “”):




4) By terminal run the following command (without “”):

"sudo mv /usr/local/bin/fuse_wait /usr/local/bin/fuse_wait.orig"

"chmod +x build.sh"

"./build.sh . /tmp /"

4) Reboot

Encrypt files on MAC

To encrypt data on your Mac I suggest to exploit the potential of the OS platform. A goof alternative to use FileVault (that protects the home folder encrypting it) is utilize Disk Utility to create a disk image with 256-bit encryption.

Open Utilities folder and run Disk Utility:

Immagine 3.png

Immagine 4.png

Select New Image

Immagine 5.png

choose the name, location and size of the image, then select the desired type of Encryption:

Immagine 6.png

I suggest to use  256-bit AES, because with a dual core processor there is no problem of slowness:

Immagine 7.png

Then choose the password easy to remember A window will indicate to you its strength:

Immagine 8.png

The program will make an encrypted  dmg file.

To access your data type click on dmg file and insert your password:

Immagine 9.png

I suggest to don’t save it the keychain.

Immagine 10.png

New battery for macbook pro

batteria macbook pro

After four years of honorable service and more than 800 charge cycles the battery capacity of my macbook pro was reduced to 60%, with a range of about 2 hours. Most of the batteries sold on the web have a capacity between 3600 and 4200 mAh, much lower than the original.

After some research I purchase one battery produced by “Dr. Battery” with a nominal capacity of 5800 mAh, you can buy it on various sites (Eprice, ShopMania ..) with a price of € 108.88.

The performance of the new battery is shown in the snapshot of coconBattery.