Encrypt files on MAC

To encrypt data on your Mac I suggest to exploit the potential of the OS platform. A goof alternative to use FileVault (that protects the home folder encrypting it) is utilize Disk Utility to create a disk image with 256-bit encryption.

Open Utilities folder and run Disk Utility:

Immagine 3.png

Immagine 4.png

Select New Image

Immagine 5.png

choose the name, location and size of the image, then select the desired type of Encryption:

Immagine 6.png

I suggest to use  256-bit AES, because with a dual core processor there is no problem of slowness:

Immagine 7.png

Then choose the password easy to remember A window will indicate to you its strength:

Immagine 8.png

The program will make an encrypted  dmg file.

To access your data type click on dmg file and insert your password:

Immagine 9.png

I suggest to don’t save it the keychain.

Immagine 10.png

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