Install Linux Live on USB with VirtualBox

A good alternative to install a version of Linux Live on USB is to use the   “Linux Live USB Creator”, based on the famous open source program: VirtualBox.

Once you start the program, with 5 easy steps, you can install your prefer Linux Live version on a USB stick.

On you can check the compatibility of your distro and if it’s possible to install it with or without persistence.

To activate the program:

– Step 1: Select the device;

– Step 2: Select the source (ISO image, CD) – (I chose KALI LINUX);

– Step 3: Select the space to be reserved for the persistence (if compatible);

– Step 4: Format the USB flash drive in fat32

– Step 5: Start the installation.

kali 0

Once finished, you go to the stick and launch Virtualbox:


You  can make some customizations by “Settings”:


Once you open the program   click on “show” and your live version will be launched:


Linux Kali

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