Install Metasploit on Iphone

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Before you install Metasploit on your Iphone, you need to install some commands (apt, wget, svn) and some programs (ruby,rubygems, phyton).

1) First of all install with Cydia the following commands:

– APT (APT 0.6 e APT 0.7)


2) Them,  open Terminal to connect your Mac to your iPhone:

ssh (IP address of the iPhone)

Move to the following directory:

# cd /private/var

Install Python:

# apt-get install python

Install Pyobjc:

# apt-get install pyobjc

(you’ll need of Pyobjc if you want to use SET “SocialEngineering Tools”)

3) The current version of Ruby (1.9.x) and Rubygems available on Cydia create errors with msfconsole therefore, if they are installed, you must remove them:

# apt-get remove ruby rubygems

Now install the precedent version:


#dpkg -i ruby_1.8.6-p111-5_iphoneos-arm.deb


#dpkg -i rubygems_1.2.0-3_iphoneos-arm.deb

#rm ruby*

When Cydia will show you a new version of ruby you don’t update it!

4) Install SVN:
# apt-get  install subversion
and then updated it:
# svn update
5) Install METASPLOIT with:
# wget
# tar jxpf framework-3.7.2tar.bz2
# cd msf3


svn co

6) To run Metasploit type on Iphone:

# cd /trunk


The response times of the iPhone are not comparable with the Mac, so it is necessary to have a little patience, especially during the update.

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